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I dedicated much of my adult life to health and wellness. NASM and CPR-certified Personal Trainer. I continuously seek further understanding of Ancestral Living, Breathwork, and how to prioritize health first to benefit myself, family, and clients from all walks of life.

A deep dive into ancestral wisdom has enlightened me to several areas modernization has failed us, from the spiritual domain to the physical, functional, and even basic health practices. Where we have the most gains to be found, we are rarely searching on our own, or even being directed to by experts most oftenly consulted with. To grow we must embrace discomfort, and most of us are unknowingly addicted to comfort. I believe this understanding is paramount to actual growth, commitment to healing, and being open to actual self discovery. I look forward to every opportunity to share these proven techniques and practices that have worked wonders for myself. Grounding, Breathwork, Hot/Cold therapy, Healing Frequencies, and Circadian Rhythm are the foundation for my proudest accomplishment- Consistency. In most everything I've found consistency to be paramount to progress; Consistency > Intensity.

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