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Josh Button

I am grateful for all of my professional experience related to fashion and entertainment, ancestral health & wellness, recovery, personal development and I'm always seeking the next challenge.

In 2020 I wrote and directed a commercial and branded, Stop Killing the Plants, with the intention to challenge veganism ...

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Health And Wellness

I dedicated much of my adult life to health and wellness. NASM and CPR-certified Personal Trainer. I continuously seek further understanding of Ancestral Living, Breathwork, and how to prioritize health first to benefit myself, family, and clients from all walks of life.

A deep dive into ancestral wisdom has ...

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Fate loves irony, and truth produces health. This is my journey; Ancestral living, health and wellness coaching, training jiu-jitsu, continuing education, training canines and competing against myself daily. Gratitude and a full-fledged commitment to progress are my axioms, intention, and philosophy. With every ...

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