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Josh Button

I am grateful for all of my professional experience related to fashion and entertainment, ancestral health & wellness, recovery, personal development and I'm always seeking the next challenge.

In 2020 I wrote and directed a commercial and branded, Stop Killing the Plants, with the intention to challenge veganism ...

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Health And Wellness

I've committed much of my adult life to health and wellness study and implementation. My WHY is to help individuals realize they are worthy of and capable of achieving their goals in fitness, health, and overall personal wellness. I believe progress equals happiness and I know that on the other side of ...

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Fate loves irony, and truth produces health. This is my journey; Ancestral living, health and wellness coaching, training jiu-jitsu, continuing education, training canines and competing against myself daily. Gratitude and a full-fledged commitment to progress are my axioms, intention, and philosophy. With every ...

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